“Lost within excitement”

My summer break had just started. All my friends and I had just recently graduated from grade 9. We were all excited for high school, us girls could not wait to meet new people and we were especially excited for the shopping we would all have to do. As I was joining a charter school, I did not have to worry about buying new clothes. But I still could not wait to go to the mall with them, because buying clothes was not the only thing a person could do in a mall.

All us girls chose a date on the month of July, and made our plan to hit the mall. As the days got closer, my excitement began to build up every day. Looking back at this right now, makes me wonder why I was so excited for it. But whatever my inner thoughts were then, I am pretty sure it was something very exciting.

And then  the day finally arrived, I called my friend for a ride and we both go to the mall together. While we reached our destination, we call our other friends to come meet us up at the food court area. The mall we went to was “cross iron mills”, and it was very huge.

After meeting up with all our friends, we decided to explore different stores with a group of two. So we all  pair up with someone, and started exploring different stores.

I was with my best friend, of course :). And so, her and I go to different stores and   start trying out many clothes. And we even found this  net-top for $5, but could not buy it because the fitting was very loose. I still remember the way it looked, the sleeves were all net with red roses, and the rest of the top was all black. It was very cute for just five dollars, but unfortunately,  could not purchase it.

We kept  trying different clothes, and my friend took forever, like ever ( almost an hour in each store) trying different outfits. But by the end of everything, she had almost 5 outfits that she had bought.

And by the end  all of this, her phone died. I had my phone with me but we could not contact anyone with it as it had no sim . So we had to walk all around the mall, to find our other friends. I even tried sending snaps to them, hoping for them to reply. And by the time they could reply  back, my phone died to. That was literally the worst feeling ever. It was almost as if we were stuck in an island with thousands of people, but with no one to help us with.

But gratefully, after ages of walking around. We found all our friends standing in front of H&M, we literally ran to them. It was the four of them, they all sounded so worried, because according to them they waited there for 30 minutes. We both felt really bad, so we apologized and, all of six  started walking towards the exit.

That one hour, was the scariest. But we were glad to find our friends. While walking towards the exit, all of us in were in silence. Me and my best friend literally thought we could never find them. And I felt so immature, so I just look at my best friend and say:

“Damn, we ain’t prepared for high school”

“Yup, not an hour without a phone. And we thought we would be dead”

For sure the mall was huge, but the both of us started getting worried so fast. That we could not find a way out of this, we just kept complaining about life, and how horribly it treated us.Not knowing, life had more in hand for us.

This experience for me was the scariest at the moment I was living it, but the funniest now. It really taught me a huge lesson, because from now I make sure to not use social media when I am out. Because it drains out the phone battery, which leaves you with absolute nothing when you are in need.


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One thought on “Anecdote

  1. Dear Dikshitha,

    I can really relate to your experience. It’s extremely scary to not be able to contact anyone whenever you’re lost. I tend to watch my phone battery nowadays, as draining it all leaves me stranded. Your piece is definitely interesting and fun to read!

    I noticed quite a bit of grammatical errors throughout your writing, whether it be from spelling, punctuation, or sentence structure. I think checking over your work before publishing would be a good idea. By rereading, you can catch any mistakes you wrote, and fix them up for the final product.

    I can’t wait to see your writing progress throughout the semester :-).


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