Short story: Zona went missing !!!

It was 1:00 am at night, I was laying on my bed, looking out the window thinking about how much I loved my best  friend, Zona.

I met her in grade 10 and she had the liveliest smile in the whole school, she was so generous and caring, everyone loved being with her. The both of us started talking through some mutual friends, and we started to get along right away. No awkwardness, no hatred, no nothing, just laughs and smiles is all that we shared. She was there with me the whole of high school. It was the time for university, we had to go two different ways, it was the hardest times of our life. But we decided to always face time each other at the end of every day. We both were such close friends, we shared everything, we knew each other from the in and out. She was like the only person I could ever trust fully with out any doubt.

Even if we lived far away, we would always send each other memes in the middle of class, I would always send her videos of me doing weird things at home. I promise, my face was the only thing that could make her smile. Until one day, where I felt like I almost lost her.

So, me and Zona met each other  after 5 months of schooling, and after 5 months of not seeing each other. She came over to my place, and we made so many plans together, it was surreal. We went to the mall, bought a million clothes, went to my favorite Chinese restaurant down the street every night, and ate till our stomachs exploded, went to our favorite book shop, did every crazy thing together. But one night, we decided to go to a late night club, where Zona went missing.

I was half drunk, the streets looked blurry, I was so lost in my own world. I did not realize, that Zona went missing. I called an Uber, and went home. The next morning I woke up with the worst hangover ever. But I thought Zona was sleeping beside me so I try to slap her arms to wake her up. I raise my hand, and when I land my hand on her “arm” I touch my bed instead of her arm. I get up from my bed in surprise, look around for her and, I could not find her. I tried calling her, I went to the club to see if she was still sleeping there on some couch. I did everything but I could not find her.

I thought I should wait for her for few more hours, so I did. I waited for at least 6 hours, it got too late so I went to the cops. They took in every information of her, I told them everything and left for home. I was crying my way back home, was so devastated and could not wait to see her face again, but  did not know where she was. I enter home, throw my shoes away, throw my bag away, and I sink my face into my sofa and start sobbing.

Suddenly my phones rings, DINGGGG!!!! and I woke up look at my phone, I see Zona’s name. I grab it and pick it up as fast as I could, I pick it up, and hear Zona yell my name. I was shook. I could not understand how she just called me out of no where. I replied back and said, “ummm,where were you ?”, she sounded very confused and said, “What? I was in class, for extra help”.

I jumped out my sofa and said, “wait I thought you went missing, the cops are out there searching for you”.

Zona started laughing very loud and said “Broo, it was a dream, I have not left my city for like ever now. How could I possibly be there?”

I took a deep breath, felt very relieved and realized that this was all a dream, I was just missing my her so much that I started dreaming about her going missing.

It was the worst dream ever, but at least we can joke about this moment later in life.


       The heart still desires you ♥

It was the time when your hand touched mine

      I knew it was you

      A feeling of care and love

I desired everything with you

      It made me realize how much I loved you

    like the stars shine bright in an empty dark sky

          like the  sunflower looks its way at the sun to grow fine

           Is  how I searched  my happiness in your smile



            Every moment we spent together, every word you told me

                  Was so special and real, I just wished the time would stop for us.

                but time changed so fast, and every loving word you told me

      is now a memory that I live with



       world can be so funny because it never admires true love

     you either suffer a lot to attain your gain

        or you just sit with patience to overcome your pain



people say work hard to achieve your goal

but i did everything to make you happy

saw every good thing in you, and made all the  wrongs fade away

nothing seemed to be as important as you



I never made you go wrong for me

even though I surpassed every comfort zone of mine to be there for you

love is not always two sided,

once you are stuck the other side, drowning for the other person’s presence

you are actually falling for them more than anything

because you see something in them

that they can’t themselves



whether it was meant to be or not

you occupied a big part of my life

I shared many memories with you.

your touch, your talks, your laughs, your senseless jokes

all of that, is what I fell for



It was nothing but just true love

I desired everything with you, and I still do

This feeling cant be blown away



like the flame in a candle

it wants to burn and melt it’s way to the end of life

let this feeling burn in my heart

let it melt and carve its way to create  a new route



until then, I hope you remember our memories

I hope you realize, not every ugly thing deserves ugly

and not every beautiful thing deserves beautiful

its on the person that makes it ugly or beautiful

you were always beautiful to me, and will always remain beautiful



I hope you find what you want in life

and I really hope my life does me a favor and calls me back to normal

because playing in your act was not easy for me.


This poem talks about love, and shows how it can make you feel cared and also give you pain. Real love is never sweet, it always a mixture of sadness and pain. This poem talks about a person that falls in love with someone so deeply, that even the sad side of the journey makes the person keep going. The main character in the poem is so desperate for this person, that even after the pain they went through they still admire the best for their partner. It even showcases, how lost someone could be, when they lose the presence of their partner.

FREE CHOICE: An historical story.

Almost 6 months ago, I watched this movie with my family and until this day, I still cant get over the beautiful culture and story this movie shared with their viewers.

This is a real-life story, set in 1303 AD India. An epitome of love and sacrifice between queen Padmavati, and King Rana Rawal Ratan Singh. The story goes back a thousands of years ago, when  Padmavati who was purely admired for her impeccable beauty, falls in love with the king.

A scene from the beginning of the movie where, Rana Singh and Padmavati enter the palace of Chittorgarh. (Chittorgarh is loacted in the northern side of India)

They later get married and start a new life together, when Allaudin khilji enters their life. He was known to be a very cruel ruler, and he mostly invaded kingdoms for their land and women. He somehow finds out about the queen of Rana’s kingdom, and tries to attack the kingdom to claim her. Before he made the decision to attack them, he did try his best to meet her in person. But the king never wanted any stranger to look at his wife in any lustful way, so every time Allaudin tried, Rana respectfully denied his move.


The person who informed Allaudin about padmavati told him that, a man would rule the world if he had her presence in his life, as she was some eternal power that attracted success. With the greed of attaining a beautiful woman with positive powers, he started war.

this scene shares the battle field of chittorgarh.


It was the time of war, Allaudin and Rana’s war soldiers were equally good, but Rana went ahead with an one on one sword fight to finish the battle as fast he could. Unfortunately, Rana got attacked brutally by Allaudin and died on the battle field. Allaudin went to declare his victory by attacking the palace to attain Padmavati.


A  soldier confirms Rana’s death to  padmavati, and she gets her fellow women and herself ready for a “Jauhar”. Jauhar  is the act of mass self-immolation by women in parts of the Indian subcontinent, to avoid capture, enslavement and rape by any foreign invaders, when facing certain defeat during a war. 

This is the ending scene where, Padmavati does her traditional rituals before she jumps into the fire.

Queen padmavati and 200 other women jumped into the fire after they were faced by defeat. These women who sacrificed their lives for their royal honor and lineage are still praised for their courageous act. They could not fight back, and so they sacrificed themselves to prevent their self-respect from being intoxicated by the enemies. The Jauhar scene left me speechless, women of that time were so courageous and brave that they could burn themselves in order to keep their self respect and pride. I was hugely astonished by the crazy amount of work the production team put into this film, the tremendous performance by the actors and lastly the beautiful culture and historical story it portrayed.

If you are interested, you can watch the trailer of the movie from the link down below.


“Lost within excitement”

My summer break had just started. All my friends and I had just recently graduated from grade 9. We were all excited for high school, us girls could not wait to meet new people and we were especially excited for the shopping we would all have to do. As I was joining a charter school, I did not have to worry about buying new clothes. But I still could not wait to go to the mall with them, because buying clothes was not the only thing a person could do in a mall.

All us girls chose a date on the month of July, and made our plan to hit the mall. As the days got closer, my excitement began to build up every day. Looking back at this right now, makes me wonder why I was so excited for it. But whatever my inner thoughts were then, I am pretty sure it was something very exciting.

And then  the day finally arrived, I called my friend for a ride and we both go to the mall together. While we reached our destination, we call our other friends to come meet us up at the food court area. The mall we went to was “cross iron mills”, and it was very huge.

After meeting up with all our friends, we decided to explore different stores with a group of two. So we all  pair up with someone, and started exploring different stores.

I was with my best friend, of course :). And so, her and I go to different stores and   start trying out many clothes. And we even found this  net-top for $5, but could not buy it because the fitting was very loose. I still remember the way it looked, the sleeves were all net with red roses, and the rest of the top was all black. It was very cute for just five dollars, but unfortunately,  could not purchase it.

We kept  trying different clothes, and my friend took forever, like ever ( almost an hour in each store) trying different outfits. But by the end of everything, she had almost 5 outfits that she had bought.

And by the end  all of this, her phone died. I had my phone with me but we could not contact anyone with it as it had no sim . So we had to walk all around the mall, to find our other friends. I even tried sending snaps to them, hoping for them to reply. And by the time they could reply  back, my phone died to. That was literally the worst feeling ever. It was almost as if we were stuck in an island with thousands of people, but with no one to help us with.

But gratefully, after ages of walking around. We found all our friends standing in front of H&M, we literally ran to them. It was the four of them, they all sounded so worried, because according to them they waited there for 30 minutes. We both felt really bad, so we apologized and, all of six  started walking towards the exit.

That one hour, was the scariest. But we were glad to find our friends. While walking towards the exit, all of us in were in silence. Me and my best friend literally thought we could never find them. And I felt so immature, so I just look at my best friend and say:

“Damn, we ain’t prepared for high school”

“Yup, not an hour without a phone. And we thought we would be dead”

For sure the mall was huge, but the both of us started getting worried so fast. That we could not find a way out of this, we just kept complaining about life, and how horribly it treated us.Not knowing, life had more in hand for us.

This experience for me was the scariest at the moment I was living it, but the funniest now. It really taught me a huge lesson, because from now I make sure to not use social media when I am out. Because it drains out the phone battery, which leaves you with absolute nothing when you are in need.


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