The heart still desires you ♥

It was the time when your hand touched mine

      I knew it was you

      A feeling of care and love

I desired everything with you

      It made me realize how much I loved you

    like the stars shine bright in an empty dark sky

          like the  sunflower looks its way at the sun to grow fine

           Is  how I searched  my happiness in your smile



            Every moment we spent together, every word you told me

                  Was so special and real, I just wished the time would stop for us.

                but time changed so fast, and every loving word you told me

      is now a memory that I live with



       world can be so funny because it never admires true love

     you either suffer a lot to attain your gain

        or you just sit with patience to overcome your pain



people say work hard to achieve your goal

but i did everything to make you happy

saw every good thing in you, and made all the  wrongs fade away

nothing seemed to be as important as you



I never made you go wrong for me

even though I surpassed every comfort zone of mine to be there for you

love is not always two sided,

once you are stuck the other side, drowning for the other person’s presence

you are actually falling for them more than anything

because you see something in them

that they can’t themselves



whether it was meant to be or not

you occupied a big part of my life

I shared many memories with you.

your touch, your talks, your laughs, your senseless jokes

all of that, is what I fell for



It was nothing but just true love

I desired everything with you, and I still do

This feeling cant be blown away



like the flame in a candle

it wants to burn and melt it’s way to the end of life

let this feeling burn in my heart

let it melt and carve its way to create  a new route



until then, I hope you remember our memories

I hope you realize, not every ugly thing deserves ugly

and not every beautiful thing deserves beautiful

its on the person that makes it ugly or beautiful

you were always beautiful to me, and will always remain beautiful



I hope you find what you want in life

and I really hope my life does me a favor and calls me back to normal

because playing in your act was not easy for me.


This poem talks about love, and shows how it can make you feel cared and also give you pain. Real love is never sweet, it always a mixture of sadness and pain. This poem talks about a person that falls in love with someone so deeply, that even the sad side of the journey makes the person keep going. The main character in the poem is so desperate for this person, that even after the pain they went through they still admire the best for their partner. It even showcases, how lost someone could be, when they lose the presence of their partner.

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